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Pastured Kunekune Pork

The Kunekune is well known for its rich redder-tasting meat; considered by many to be one of the best. Kunekune meat is a deep pink to red colored meat with magnificent marbling throughout. Kunekunes are the ONLY true grazing pig which makes their meat very nutrient-dense. Kunekunes are also a lard pig which means they will produce a high amount of lard for use in cooking, baking, soap, ect. Lard is also a much healthier fat than butter and your current cooking oil.

All of our hogs are raised on pasture allowing them to enrich their meats with nutrients and a premium quality taste. All of our meat hogs sold are at least 12 months old and 150lbs+. We sell whole and half hogs at $4.50 per pound (live weight). You can expect to yield about 60% of the hogs live weight. Contact us to arrange a sale!

0 hogs currently available

$4.50/lbs live weight

whole or half hogs

est. yield of 60%

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