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         This page has photos of some of our MGR myotonics that are available, on hold, retained or already sold.  For the current year's list of kiddings & pricing, please click on the "List of Myotonics for Sale" button to the left.  Our kids come with application for registration, CD&T vaccinations, parasite preventative, hooves trimmed and USDA-approved identification.

6/28/23 We have a few doelings, bucklings & wethers available for sale.  Please click on "Current List of Myotonics for Sale."   

Please see our Facebook Page for current pictures!

Wethers: $250+      Doelings: $350+       Bucklings: $500+*      Premium Doelings: $500+*

*Bucklings & Premium Doelings are selected by us based on conformation, breed standard & genetics. 

*These goats are also guaranteed not to have any disqualifying faults for showing. 

The buyer has 14 days to pickup the goat once the goat is ready for pick-up. 

25% non-refundable deposit is required to hold goats.  Balance is due on or before pickup. 

All our myotonic fainting goats come with MGR Registration or Application.

We test annually for Johne's and CAE diseases.   

Buyer will be provided a Bill of Sale containing identification, vaccination, parasite management and hoof trimming information.

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