This page has photos of some of our NPGA pygmies that are available, on hold or already sold.  There may also be photos of ones we've retained.  We will do our best to sort current available kids' pictures to the top.  For the current year's list of kiddings, please click on the "List of Pymies for Sale" button to the left.  If you would like additional photos, please inquire!   

10/10/21 Update: We had a small crop of pygmy kids in the fall.  Two doelings are available. Please inquire.  We also have some retired does & wethers available - they would make great pets!  

SOLD - sale pending - Ready 1st weekend in June
Ponylane Impatient Dot x La Chevre d'Or Timmy
Triplet, March 16, 2021,  Disbudded, Brown Agouti.  $400.
Very small teat scur at base of right teat.  See photo.  

Availabe Wethers

Ananda's Boy & Beatrice's Boy

SOLD - prefer they go together.  

La Chevre d’Or Beatrice. NPGA #80521F out of Goose Meadow Rydge x Silent Oaks Bosleigh.
4/15/2018. Black Agouti. Disbudded. Has kidded 3 times so far. First kidding 4/1/2019 single bucking. Second kidding 3/31/2020 single buckling. Third kidding 1/3/2021 twin bucklings. Settles right away & is a really good mother. She does not lead well & will need more lead training if going in the show ring.  She is a great brood doe & has an excellent pedigree!  SOLD


Bosleigh x Timmy 1/3/2021 Single

Boy, Disbudded, Brown Agouti

SOLD  Will be Ready 2/28/21

A thick-boned, solid guy out of our favorite doe, Bosleigh!  Potential to due well in the show ring. Could go as a buck.





Sassy x Timmy  8/6/2020 Triplets  

Buckling, Caramel w/ Black Pts, Disbudded  SOLD

Doeling, Caramel w/ Brown Pts, Disbudded SOLD

Buckling, Caramel w/ Brown Pts, Disbudded, Bottle Fed, SOLD



Madeline x Timmy  10/22/2020  Twins  

Doeling, Caramel w/ Brown Pts, Horned, SOLD

Doeling, Caramel w/ Black Pts, Horned, SOLD



Ananda x Timmy  1/12/21  Twins  

Wether, Caramel w/ Brown Pts.  SOLD  

Doeling, Black Agouti, Bottle, SOLD


Beatrice x Timmy 1/3/2021 Twins

Wether, Disbudded, Caramel with Black Points.SOLD


SOLD --->

Calamity x Timmy  11/29/2020  Twins Ready 2/7/21  

Doeling, Caramel w/ Black Pts, Disbudded SOLD

Wether, Caramel w/ Black Pts, Disbudded, SOLD 

Sheila x Timmy  12/29/2020  Triplets  

Wether, Caramel w/ Brown Pts, Disbudded, SOLD

Wether, Brown Agouti, Disbudded, Bottle, SOLD


Calamity x Timmy  4/1/2020  

Doeling, Disbudded, Caramel with Black Points


Simone front.jpg

"La Chevre d'Or Simone"

Holly X Timmy 7/25/2019

Doeling, Brown Agouti, Disbudded


Beatrice x Timmy 3/31/2020

Buckling Disbudded Brown Agouti 



Holly x Timmy 4/11/20

Doeling, Caramel w/ Black Pts, Disbudded  SOLD 

Wether, Brown Agouti, Disbudded  SOLD

Cowboys N Angels Rambler SOLD

Rambler x Timmy 4/25/2020

Buckling Brown Agouti SOLD

Ananda boy black.jpg

Ananda x Wicked 12/27/2019

Wether, Disbudded, Black Agouti 


Ananda doeling sold.jpg

Ananda x Wicked 12/27/2019

Doeling Disbudded Caramel Black Pts


kids 10 days old.jpg

Bosleigh x Timmy 5/7/2020  

Brown Agouti Doeling RETAINED

Brown Agouti Wether RETAINED